Articles by author - Dart CM

Surgical management of a mast cell tumour in a pony
Authors: Dart CM, Hodgson DR, Hudson NPH, Dart AJ
Publication: Australian Equine Veterinarian, Volume 13, Issue 4, pp 85-87, Nov 1995
Animal type: Horse, Livestock
Subject terms: Neoplasia, Oncology, Pathology, Surgery
Article class: Case Study
Article P
Surgical treatment of osteomyelitis and formation of a sequestrum in the distal metaphysis of the humerus in an alpaca cria
Authors: Dart CM, Dart AJ, Debney S, Wereska M
Publication: New Zealand Veterinary Journal, Volume 59, Issue 1, pp 46-49, Jan 2011
Publisher: Taylor and Francis
Animal type: Lamoid, Camelid
Subject terms: Treatment/therapy, Surgery, Skeletal/bone/cartilage, Sepsis/infection, Locomotor
Article class: Clinical Communication