Publisher: Australian Equine Veterinary Association


Equine Veterinarians Australia (EVA) is a Special Interest Group of the Australian Veterinary Association Limited. EVA is the representative body for equine veterinarians in Australia, offering membership to veterinarians who treat horses as part of their practice. EVA was formed in 1971 and presently has 1,000 members in Australia, New Zealand, England, Hong Kong, Singapore, USA and South Africa. EVA services the needs of these members and also acts as a representative body for the interests of equine veterinarians within the Australian horse industry. EVA also advises upon horse health issues as an active stakeholder in the equine industry. The key objectives of EVA are to elevate equine veterinary standards, further research and knowledge of equine diseases, develop post-graduate equine veterinary continuing education and to promote its members as providers of the very best quality care for their equine patients. Our vision is a global community that respects and values the benefits of enhanced animal health, welfare and production. Our mission is to represent the veterinary profession with one voice, and to serve the interests of members.