Issue 4

Volume: 64
Publisher: Taylor and Francis
Publication: New Zealand Veterinary Journal

Article P
Benzimidazole resistance in Nematodirus spathiger and N. filicollis in New Zealand
Authors: Pomroy WE, Oliver AMB, Leathwick DM
Publication: New Zealand Veterinary Journal, Volume 64, Issue 4, pp 201-206, Jul 2016
Publisher: Taylor and Francis
Animal type: Sheep, Production animal, Livestock
Subject terms: Zoonosis, Treatment/therapy, Trace elements, Toxicology, Reproduction, Public health, Pathology, Parasites - internal, Parasites - external, Parasite control, Antibiotics, Anthelmintics, Animal welfare, Animal remedies/veterinary medicines, Abortion/stillbirth, Abdomen
Article class: Clinical Communication