Articles by author - Henderson HV

Article O
Periparturient recumbent cows : tests to predict recovery
Authors: Clark RG, Henderson HV
Publication: Surveillance, Volume 14, Issue 2, pp 11-12, Jan 1987
Animal type: Cattle, Livestock, Production animal, Ruminant
Subject terms: Disease/defect, Nervous system/neurology, Muscle/myology, Metabolic disease, Parturition, Clinical pathology, Diagnostic procedures, Locomotor, Reproduction, Reproduction - female, Syndrome
Article class: Laboratory Report
Article P
The effect of Johne's disease on production traits in Romney, Merino and Merino x Romney-cross ewes
Authors: Henderson HV, Hickey SM, Morris CA
Publication: New Zealand Veterinary Journal, Volume 54, Issue 5, pp 204-209, Oct 2006
Publisher: Taylor and Francis
Animal type: Livestock, Production animal, Ruminant, Sheep
Subject terms: Bacterial, Bodyweight/liveweight/condition score, Breed/breeding, Farm/farm management, Integument/skin/wool/hair/fur/feather, Mycobacterial, Wasting disease/disorder, Infectious disease, Reproduction, Twinning/parity, Animal production/wastage, Disease/defect, Animal industries
Article class: Scientific Article