Health issues with senior cats

Authors: Galloway P
Publication: Proceedings of the New Zealand Veterinary Nursing Association, Volume Annual Conference 2008, FCE Publication number 271, Issue 271, pp 19-28, Jan 2008
Publisher: New Zealand Veterinary Nursing Association

Animal type: Cat, Companion animal
Subject Terms: Age, Alimentary system/gastroenterology, Anaesthesia/analgesia/sedation, Animal remedies/veterinary medicines, Animal welfare, Joint/arthrology, Disease/defect, Circulatory system/haematology, Diet/rations/food, Euthanasia, Locomotor, Neoplasia, Oncology, Nervous system/neurology, Nutrition/metabolism, Kidney/renal disease, Oral/teeth, Treatment/therapy, Urinary system/urology
Article class: Conference Presentation
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