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An evaluation of the efficacy of injectable microencapsulated vitamin B12 in increasing and maintaining the serum and liver vitamin B12 concentrations of lambs

Authors: Grace ND, Lewis DH
Publication: New Zealand Veterinary Journal, Volume 47, Issue 1, pp 3-7, Feb 1999
Publisher: Taylor and Francis

Animal type: Livestock, Production animal, Ruminant, Sheep
Subject Terms: Animal remedies/veterinary medicines, Cobalt/vitamin B12, Trace elements, Diet/rations/food, Treatment/therapy, Nutrition/metabolism, Research/development, Vitamins
Article class: Scientific Article
Abstract: AIM: To develop a long-acting Vitamin B12 injection to prevent Co deficiency in sheep.
METHODS: Formulations of microencapsulated Vitamin B12 in lactide-glycolide polymers were injected intramuscularly or subcutaneously into the anterior neck region of groups of 10 lambs and their efficacy determined from changes in serum and liver Vitamin B12 concentrations.
RESULTS: The 95:5 lactide glycolide and the 100 lactide formulations containing more than 12.5% Vitamin B12 w/w significantly increased and maintained serum Vitamin B12 concentrations for at least 210 days as well as liver Vitamin B12 concentrations in treated lambs when compared with untreated controls.
CONCLUSIONS: Injections of microencapsulated Vitamin B12 in lactide/glycolide copolymers are able to increase and maintain the Vitamin B12 status of lambs for at least 210 days.
CLINICAL SIGNIFICANCE: Another option for the prevention of Co deficiency in sheep is now available using a long acting injectable Vitamin B12.
KEY WORDS: Sheep, Co deficiency, long-acting injection, Vitamin B12.
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