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A survey of anaesthetic equipment in veterinary practices in New Zealand

Authors: Scuffham AM, Forsyth SF, Jones BR
Publication: New Zealand Veterinary Journal, Volume 43, Issue 1, pp 16-20, Feb 1995
Publisher: Taylor and Francis

Animal type: General
Subject Terms: Anaesthesia/analgesia/sedation, Animal remedies/veterinary medicines, Instruments/equipment/technique, Management, Veterinary profession, Surgery
Article class: Scientific Article
Abstract: Sixty-four anaesthetic machines and 89 breathing circuits were surveyed in New Zealand veterinary practices. Each machine and circuit was tested for correct function. Sixty-six percent of machines checked were 10 years or older and vaporiser out-of-circuit machines totalled 72% of machines surveyed. Twenty-five percent of the temperature compensated vaporisers had been serviced within the previous 1 year, 33% serviced between 1 and 10 years ago, while the remaining 42% had no service record or had not been serviced for over 10 years. Sixty-six percent of machines had some type of scavenging device. Nineteen percent of machines had a leak in the high pressure system. Thirty percent of the anaesthetic machine low pressure systems leaked and 76% of the patient breathing circuits leaked. Overall, 91% of all anaesthetic machines and breathing circuits showed malfunctions which could increase practice operating costs, increase the exposure of practice personnel to anaesthetic agents, and increase patient morbidity.
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