Terms and conditions for The Equine Veterinary Practitioner

"The Equine Veterinary Practitioner" is published by the NZ Equine Veterinary Association (NZEVA) a branch of the NZ Veterinary Association Incorporated (NZVA). The views expressed in the articles and letters do not necessarily represent those of the editorial committee of the NZEVA, the NZEVA executive or the NZVA, and neither NZEVA nor the editor endorses any products or services advertised. NZEVA is not the source of the information reproduced in this publication and has not independently verified the veracity of the information. It does not accept legal responsibility for the truth or accuracy of the information contained herein. Neither NZEVA nor the editor accepts any responsibility whatsoever for the contents of this publication or for any consequences that may result from the use of any information contained herein or advice given herein. The provision is intended to exclude the NZEVA, the NZVA, the editor and the staff from all liability whatsoever, including liability for negligence in the publication or reproduction of the materials set out herein.

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